At the University of Texas, I taught BBAs in the McCombs School of Business for 18 years. I also consulted through the MBA Executive Education Program. In those roles, I taught writing skills, speaking skills, and team skills. These included working across differences in work styles, communication styles and culture. 

My teaching, framed in complex adaptive systems theory, focused on questions like:

  • How can you succeed when it’s hard to understand all the systems around you?
  • How can you reach targets when you can’t manage everyone in a system?
  • What strategies will help you and your team meet key goals?
  • How can you work well in the context of your organizational culture?

I have worked with hundreds of clients on changing speaking and work anxiety into confidence. I  have coached individuals and teams in corporations, non-profits, educational and government agencies. I have done change management work at many levels.

My background includes managing several organizations. I have hired and fired people. I have reorganized accounting systems for better reporting. Through coaching, I’ve helped employees and leaders examine and change limiting beliefs. These changes enabled them to become more successful in their lives and work.